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  • Yiran is called the Sound Designer with a Gold Finger, Master of Feng-Shui. Yet only she knew that all the seemingly spontaneous and effortless effects are based on thorough thinking and tireless experiments. 
    -----by Lvjushengang from

  • While enjoying the show, the audience became a part of the art creation, experiencing different spaces and ages with characters.
    ------by Qing Yang from Shenzhen Business Daily

  • The Three Musketeers 1941
    excellent sound and lighting design, by Yiran Zhang and Hallie Zieselman, respectively, help both to set the atmosphere and drive the action. -----by Leah Richards from

  • The Three Musketeers 1941
    The sound designer, Yiran Zhang’s spooky street sounds add needed tension to their endeavors.
    -----by Joel Benjamin from

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